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CWSHIN Encourages Development of Diagnostics for Sapovirus
Dr. Jette Christensen - Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network [ Monday 29 May, 2023]
Research Looking at Use of Pea Starch in Swine Rations has Human Nutritional Implications
Dr. Denise Beaulieu - University of Saskatchewan [ Friday 26 May, 2023]
Researchers Look to Pig Gut Microbiome to Improve Health and Performance Without Antibiotics
Dr. Vahab Farzan - University of Guelph [ Thursday 25 May, 2023]
Baiting and Trapping Most Effective Method for Capturing Wild Pigs
Dr. Wayne Lees - Manitoba Invasive Swine Eradication Project [ Wednesday 24 May, 2023]
Public Encouraged to Help Eradicate Feral Pigs By Reporting Sightings
Mark Ferguson - Saskatchewan Pork Development Board [ Tuesday 23 May, 2023]
Kansas State University Revaluates Risk of JEV Introduction and Establishment in the U.S.
Dr. Paul Sundberg - Swine Health Information Center [ Friday 19 May, 2023]
CWSHIN's New Five-Year Plan to be More Practice Oriented
Dr. Jette Christensen - Canada West Swine Health Intelligence Network [ Thursday 18 May, 2023]
Pea Starch Makes Excellent Feed Ingredient if Flow Issues Can be Resolved
Dr. Denise Beaulieu - University of Saskatchewan [ Wednesday 17 May, 2023]
U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Expected to Increase Pork Prices in California and Pressure all North American Pork Producers
Florian Possberg - Polar Pork Farms [ Tuesday 16 May, 2023]
Pork Producers Advised to Review Vaccine Protocols in Response to Increase in PCV2 Prevalence
Dr. Megan Niederwerder - Swine Health Information Center [ Monday 15 May, 2023]
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